The Best Care for Your Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, or Scion Vehicle is at Gates Automotive Group

Your Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, or Scion vehicle promises years of reliable service, but you'll need to help it with regular visits for maintenance. With quality manufacturer recommended parts, technician expertise and the occasional visit for service, you'll get the most from your vehicle.

Recommended Services

Oil Changes

Start your vehicle off right with clean engine oil. This vital engine additive not only lubricates moving parts, so they'll perform more efficiently, it also carries away any debris that it comes in contact with, like road dust or the microscopic pieces of metal that flake off of engine parts. As the dirt in your oil accumulates, it acts like an abrasive, slowly wearing down everything it touches. Because so many of the components in your engine are made with precision, this scouring effect can prematurely age them.

Tires and Brakes

Your tires and brakes work in tandem to keep you safe, but they have very different maintenance schedules. Your tires will benefit from you conducting a pressure check now and then to ensure they remain in their ideal inflation range. You can also check the tread depth once or twice a year to ensure your tires are within safe limits. The best service you can get to keep your tires from developing uneven patches of wear is regular rotations. This moves tires into and out of the most used positions on your vehicle, allowing them to wear down at the same rate.

Your brakes are harder to predict, as a lot depends on how often you brake along your regular routes. Drivers who mostly stick to the freeway go through fewer brake pads than those who do a lot of city driving.

We at Gates Automotive Group have the experience and training to keep your Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, or Scion vehicle performing at its best. Choose us for your next service visit, and we'll show you why bringing your vehicle to our lot is the best decision for regular maintenance.

Oil Change Service

$23.00 Semi Synthetic 5W30

$38.50 Full Synthetic 5W30 and 0W20

$47.50 Full Synthetic 0W20 up to 8 quarts

$64.50 Diesel 15w40 up to 6 quarts

Tire Service

$9.95 Tire rotation

$14.95 Dually tire rotation

$9.95 Basic flat tire repair

$24.95 Advanced patch plug tire repair

$64.95 Four wheel balance & rotate

Tire Replacement

$70.00 Mount & balance four tires up to 20" rims

$90.00  Mount & balance four tires larger than 20" rims, 45 series, and monster truck

Complimentary  Alignment check with every set of tires we mount

Wheel Alignment

$19.95  alignment check credited towards alignment if performed the same visit

$79.95  alignment  worn/damaged components, adjustment shims, or extra adjustments additional cost.

Complimentary  Alignment check with every set of tires we mount


Brake Service

$19.95 Brake inspection

$129.95 ceramic brake pad replacement per axle

$199.95 rotor resurfacing and ceramic brake pad replacement per axle



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